Memorial Cottage

In Gåde, Enköping there is a memorial cottage of the Swedish author Jan Fridegård.

  1. The greenery contrasts beautifully for this cozy, red cottage tucked away in the woods!

  2. sadly i don;t have time to comment on every shot but i wanted to say how much i\'ve enjoyed catching up with your site…i\'ve missed some great stuff whilst i\'ve been away!

  3. Such a beautiful setting. Love the red of the cottage. Great capture.

  4. What a fairy cottage

  5. Love the gorgeous rich tones and colors. Looks like the perfect hide-away.

  6. Tucked away so nicely in the woods. I like the red.

  7. Nice capture with lovely muted colors and thoughtful composition. Really well done!

  8. Ooooh, look what you found. Love this little place, the red just pops out too.

  9. What\'s it a Memorial of, I wonder?

    It looks inviting… but also lonely and desolate and very rustic. I\'m wondering if it has hot running water even… (kind of a hotel girl, myself.)

    Still, beautiful shot. I especially like the golden grasses in the foreground.

  10. simply amazing .. wonderfull landscape shot

  11. what a sweet little cottage. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

  12. Wow… is it vacant for a week in November? Hiking boots and hot chocolate, fireplace and a good book…
    Lovely place and a great use of distance and angle to capture it!

  13. Would be nice to live here in the summer; but the winter…

  14. That cottage stands out so well red against the green.

  15. looks really inviting

  16. what a beautiful place , savage
    the details are stunning

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