Shh! Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb
  1. I always wonder why/how they stand on one leg when resting – like the accent of purple in an otherwise camouflaged feathery \"ball\" 🙂

  2. Nice centering composition. And I like the textures on your year ago image.

  3. Image and title brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

  4. Lol… it\'s funny to see birds doing the same thing at different ends of the globe. It\'s a cute shot Frida.

  5. That is one very plump bird, Frida. I hope no one fetches it for the Christmas feast!

  6. probably just trying to keep warm! terrific.

  7. let sleeping ducks lie!

  8. Wonderful capture with an appropriate and funny title.

  9. They never seem to soundly sleep – the slightest disturbance and she will open one eye ! Very faithful coloring here.

  10. Great closeup!

  11. Mmm…delicious duck. Just kidding…nice photograph of mr. duck.

  12. Nice, relaxing shot (although I wouldn\'t find standing on one leg relaxing!)

  13. Such a great capture. It looks like it is cold, and trying to stay huddled up and warm for it\'s nap.

  14. Nice title for a fine picture!

  15. sweet

  16. A well deserved rest? Great capt my friend

  17. Absolutely lovely… I love how the one foot is in the water, and that glimpse of blue feather outlined in black.

  18. A solid capture of this fellow doing his balancing act while asleep… a remarkable ability! Love the detail and rich color.

  19. You find some of the most unique sights of simple beauty. I like what appears to be just one foot and that blue feather is stunning.

  20. what a perfect capture

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