A day at the ice rink

Ice rink
  1. A lovely idyllic scene, from an interesting perspective, and nicely exposed. You have some very devoted Mums over there, to be out in the snow with children in baby carriages 🙂

  2. Nice slice of winter life. I like the small child alone near the center of the rink – a whole story there!

  3. What a lovely shot this makes . . I could sit for hours (assuming I was warm!) just staring at that view and the little figures like something on top of an iced cake !

  4. Vi tänkte åka med ungarna och åka skridskor efter frukosten idag men just nu visar tempen på 20,8graderC och det är nog i kallaste laget för skridskoåkning.
    Ha det gott, kram Maria

  5. Wonderful activity for winter. I like seeing the surrounding area also.

  6. Great view!

  7. What a lovely winter scenery. Very well seen.

  8. Just yesterday we were watching the ice skating in front of the old town hall here in Gorinchem, Frida, so this brings back good memories…especially of when I was a girl and skated in Michigan on our frozen baseball field. It\'s how I remember Winter.

    This must be a new template, yes? I liked the other one but I like this one, too, of course. And yes, we are now connected in more ways than one, aren\'t we. 🙂

  9. Lovely winter shot

  10. Looks like a fun place to be….Photo has an interesting POV.

  11. They must have fun!

  12. Great winter shot, Frida. I loved ice skating when I was younger, but it was at an indoor rink with ice as smooth as glass. Gorgeous town.

  13. Great winter day for outdoor fun!

  14. Vilken härlig vinterbild!

  15. Cool and unique angle – interesting point of view

  16. Nice winter view. Look like lots of snow. Is this a new blog design?

  17. Looks like such fun!! What a wonderful winter scene!

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