Snow Covered Rose

A rose captured in my mother-in-laws garden.

  1. The poor old rose wasn\'t expecting a dusting of snow. A very pretty and strong colour to the petals. Nice one 🙂

  2. This is a lovely shot. I like the contrast between the rich colors and the snow.

  3. wonderfull macro Frida .. i feel the coldness

  4. A different kind of rose photo for sure. Wonderfully composed, of course, and the contrast of fresh snow on a wilted rose provides an interesting theme for this lovely shot.

  5. Otroligt vackert fotografi. Som ett konstverk!

  6. Exquisite color and detail. Great find!!!

  7. Wonderful shot Frida – a great contrast!

  8. Beautiful detail and colour as always 🙂 Happy new year to you :)) also the DOF is perfect 🙂

  9. Hardy is as hardy comes, Frida! How beautiful. (Actually, I do like this template!!)

  10. Beautiful and crispy clear! Love the details in this shot, and the colors – it is not giving up 🙂

  11. So colorful! I\'m surprised to see there is still a nice shade of color in that weather.

  12. I\'m in love with this photo. I\'m so glad you captured this beauty. You inspire me.

  13. quite beautiful

  14. Simply gorgeous!

  15. I like this close up of the snow-encrusted rose. Nice composition with the petals, stem and rose crossing each other. Fine shot.

  16. Frida, this is gorgeous! The ice/snow is like sugar frosting and really bringing out the beautiful orange of the flower. Bravo to you, and happy 2010!

  17. Poor rose, beautiful macro

  18. beautiful!!

  19. A lovely study statement of the season . . canot help but feel sorry for the rose but she will recover for sure !

  20. I don\'t see how it survived with such vivid color. This is really pretty Frida.

  21. WOW!!! Beautiful macro. You can see all the texture of the rose petal, steam, and the snow….the depth and vividness of the image is amazing.

  22. Nice DOF and detail.

  23. brave little rose . . .

  24. beautiful macro – as usual 🙂

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