European Mistletoe – Viscum album

Mistletoe is the province flower of Västmanland, Sweden.
Have a Happy Valentine!

  1. Very beautiful catch of sight and color, cheer!

  2. Looks like the trees has put on mittens 😉

  3. Now that is very cool – like giant nests up in the tree. Maybe dragon nests?? Ha!!

  4. That is one cool looking tree, I\'ve never seen a mistletoe tree before.

  5. Wow, I\'ve never seen such large clumps of mistletoe! I thought they were squirrel nests at first.

  6. Looks like \"pompons\" in the tree. A wonderful image withe the snow in the forground.

  7. Such a curious trees, great find.

  8. As I opened this post, my first thought was \"mistletoe\" however, I have never seen sooooooo much in one tree and thought, \"surely not.\" WOW! Interesting capture.

  9. Vad läckert med mistlar, har aldrig sett dem i naturen någon gång, men det är väl med dem som med allt annat, de måste hopa upp i knät på mig för att jag ska se dem. 😉
    Ha det gott.
    Kram Maria

  10. Wow vad häftigt! Jag har aldrig sett vild mistel. Och så många.

  11. How perfect for Valentine\'s Day, Frida. 🙂

  12. Nice trees with some green and the white snow on the trunks and branches.
    I have started an other blog more on the theme of people. Not many pictures yet but any suggestions are wellcome… I have put the link.

  13. I knew that was mistletoe. It grows in the trees in Arkansas and that\'s the first and only time I\'ve ever seen it. That\'s when I realized why so much fake mistletoe is used. Wouldn\'t you hate to have to harvest it?:-) Beautiful capture.

  14. WoW! Very neat trees. Nice capture.

  15. The mistletoe that grows on our trees is not so obvious as this is, because our trees are evergreen. We have several pretty butterflies that use the mistletoe as a host plant, so it does have it\'s uses. Interesting shot, Frida.

  16. Amazing to see the greenery above all of that white snow. What interesting trees!!!

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