Almost everything is covered in snow, so I’m having fun going through my archive.

  1. gorgeously gorgeous!

  2. Oh, this is so lovely! I planted some red tulips last fall and they are still pushing their way through the ground, but I\'ve got some beautiful blossoms already. Yay spring!

  3. Love this close perspective and the composition is great!

  4. POETRY .. The most beautiful poetry !

  5. I like the brilliant color of this flower shot and the novel composition you\'ve created.

  6. Mmm, härligt med färg! Snart smälter den bort även hos dig, snön alltså 🙂

  7. Brilliant colors – I need them now after the grey months.

  8. beautiful

  9. Preciosas tonalidades, muy buenos colores. Enhorabuena.

  10. With so many flower images that have been taken, it\'s always nice to come across a new composition. Like yours here. Beaut textures and colors. Well done.

  11. tulips 🙂

  12. Snow? You\'re kidding me, Frida. We\'re not that far away and I had to take my winter coat off on a long walk this morning. Well, thanks for the reminder that spring is here…and at least in your archives. I know you are so ready. This is just luscious. I could eat it up.

  13. So beautifully captured. Even though it fills the frame with just a portion I could still tell it was tulips.

  14. Nice use of color in the composition. Provides a bold visual impact. Nice work.

  15. Exquisite..stunning detail. Love the single bit of green..and how you\'ve called our attention to it.

  16. Love the reds and the title.

  17. Beautiful colors, but a little low on details.

  18. Hehe \"Grön\"

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