Dream in Green

Dream in green
  1. oj spännande bild. Inne fast ute. Lite sagostämning över den.

  2. Ha ha, I would love to curl up with a good book there!

  3. Very unusual Frida…. makes me feel unsettled, like I've fallen into Alice's Wonderland. :-))

  4. I´d love to have an afternoon tea in this chair …

  5. but how do they mow it???

  6. wow .. what a great seat … like the dark greens

  7. Det där ju riktigt tjusigt, något att ha i sin trädgård 🙂

  8. Oh..this is magical. Such rich green colors!!!

  9. Odd is the word – but funny too 🙂 and very optimistic – spring time!!

  10. Seems like someone is going totally green 🙂 this is really the livingroom of the environmentalist.

  11. This is great! People want to be 'more green', well here's one way!

  12. Is this your livingroom? 😉

  13. what a funny scene

  14. woah! now that's what you call environment friendly! 😀 nicely captured! 🙂

  15. What an unusual place! Makes a beautiful image, but it's a little amusing too.

  16. An odd shot indeed, Frida. Is this like a museum?

  17. Interesting category, Odd Shots. Sounds a fitting description.

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