One bug’s death is another bug’s bread

One bugs death
  1. I love your quote! and your image.

  2. The details and colors are beautifully captured…great work!

  3. Wow. That is amazing. Truly.

  4. Just beautyfull … very good closeup Frida

  5. Vilken bra bild, och äcklig samtidigt *s* Jag tycker verkligen inte om spindlar, huuu!

  6. stunning detail in this macro

  7. Amazing shot; I didn't even see the spider at first until I looked again after reading your title. Wow, I have never seen a fly with one huge eye like that before.

  8. Wonderful find and capture! Bravo

  9. quelle fin tragique !

  10. WOW! It's larger than life. Exquisite capture. Such patience!!!

  11. hermosa es la vida cuando la vemos con tu mirada, gracias , un saludo pablo

  12. How fascinating!!! Absolutely amazing! Very beautiful light and tone!:-)

  13. wow Frida this one is spetacular, marvelous macro and superb timing

  14. Wow! This is a fabulously complex image. I can stare and stare and find new detail. Pretty pink belies the "feeding frenzy going on here. Great title !

  15. A superb image of the soft pink. Of course I don't care for the insect:-)

  16. Stunning!!

  17. A very nice macro

  18. Wow! That crab spider has quite a catch there. Fantastic shot.

  19. fabulous shot , great macro

  20. Beautifull shot … very good title

  21. FABULOUS tones. Great closeup .

  22. that's life

  23. snap! i almost didn't notice the spider there! excellent capture! 😀

  24. A fabulous close up of this flower and visitor! Excellent detail and color.

  25. Look how he's color-coordinated with the blossoms, Frida. 🙂 This is gorgeous.

  26. caught !!!
    excellent macro shot .

  27. Hej Frida
    Hoppas allt är gott med dig?
    Du visar upp fantastiskt fina bilder.

    Ha det gott, kram

  28. Whoa! stunning shot!

  29. superbe macro. well seen and captured!

  30. Wow. That is an incredible capture, the food chain, life. Beauty.

  31. Wonderfully seen and photographed [your timing is dead on!].

  32. I'm not sure which bug is dead. 🙂

    Great eye to capture this one.

  33. I really had to look at this closely. It's not as gross as I thought it would be! Great capture.

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