I have no clue to what this is 🙂 Perhaps you can offer some help on this matter?

  1. Your work is inspiring, Frida.

  2. It looks like art!

  3. Åh!!!! Nej, jag vet inte vad det är, men herregu vilken underbar bild i färg och form och allt!

  4. gosh, such exquisite clarity in this macro. I LOVE your photographic style. It's so refreshing to visit a photographer who can capture life with such clarity as opposed to those blurry images so often seen elsewhere on the 'net. Such a breath of fresh air visiting here.

  5. Lovely! I have no idea what the plant is but the bug looks like a classic stink bug. Don't touch it!

  6. Lovely! Budding and bugging.

  7. Beautiful images here!!! So very lovely too!!

  8. Dynamite processing.

  9. Wow, beautiful shot. Don't know if you've masked the background or just lit it very well, but it's worked very well. Heh, I have no idea what sort of flower it is, but the bug looks keen. 🙂

  10. Sorry Frida I dont know but what a do know is it is a excellent shot 10/10 🙂

  11. A very rich image – the buds, the beetle, the colors. No idea what type of flower this is…

  12. I haven't seen something like this ever before. Excellent macro.

  13. It's like a mother birthing her young! Gorgeous, Frida.

  14. This is absolutely exquisite..magical..one of your definiyet bests. What is it??

  15. This is an amazing image that is at once eye-catching, a document, plant close up, and pattern shot… all in one. Excellent image.

  16. amazing detail, good compo

  17. This is very interesting, so much variety emerging from a single bud. Never seen something like this. I like the included insect, which is a Shield bug, just not sure which type. I wish I knew which flower this is 🙂

  18. Cool, nice work!

  19. This is fascinating, Frida. (even the bug:-) What an interesting and beautiful photo.

  20. Looks like it's just about to burst with life! Nice one!

  21. wow
    and again: wow

  22. fantastic image :))

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