1. Two of my favorite colors – purple and green. I love the things and scenes in your backyard!

  2. gorgeous and i think i can smell them from here…

  3. Exquisite colour. Love the softness of the light.

  4. wonderful subject and a fantastic processing!

  5. Lovely image of these Hostas. Mine are blooming especially nicely this year.

  6. Fantastic colors – you must have a beautiful flowering garden.

  7. The delicate colors are just gorgeous. Like it.

  8. What someone else said about the dreamy feel. The soft focus works really well and makes me think of a memory.

  9. Very gorgeous; I really like the focus, color, and lighting.

  10. Nice color and tone, good capture

  11. The glow and soft focus are really wonderful! This must be the place where the forest spirit lives.

  12. Lovely capture! Absolutely beautiful!

  13. So wonderful, like a dream.

  14. I really enjoy the glowing purple against the dark green. Well done.

  15. beautiful

  16. Lovely colors, the purple amazing!

  17. Love the softness, and the frame really compliments the flowers in a good way!

  18. It really doesn't get better than this, Frida. Really!

  19. Our hostas have dried up and aren't producing the lovely blooms. Perhaps when it cools down and the rains come again we'll see a few. Such a dreamy image. I love this.

  20. the glow/mist gives this scene a nice mood.. very nice capture.. 🙂

  21. I bet the hummingbirds like this. I photographed purple the other day too. It's so brilliant at this time of year (it's already well into autumn up here).

  22. I like the reducing of colors. Less is more in this case.

  23. Stunning color!! Love how you've framed this. Very creative and fresh!!!

  24. Stunning capture of these beautiful flowers, the purple color is truly amazing.

  25. Beautiful flower picture and presentation.

  26. Åh! vad är det där? Blommar nu? Vackert!

  27. Dreamy and beautiful!

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