Rodney Copperbottom

Rodney Copperbottom

Geocaching at Görvälns Castle. Ewert Pamp junk-artist shows his art.

  1. Funny!

  2. What a cool little whimsical character. I see a frog!

  3. Lol. What a great photo! Greetings to Rodney!

  4. hello, rodney!

  5. It's pretty funny how that big metal ball looks like a frog 😉

  6. What a terrific artist. I really like this. Love the image. It's so beautifully framed with all the green.

  7. that's one cute work.. it looks like a froggy.. 🙂 nicely captured..

  8. A fine image of this cute and funny face! Excellent job of shooting.

  9. nice art. I was wondering if you were still geocashing, cool!

  10. Funny picture: it looks like a frogg!
    Have a nice day.

  11. This just makes me laugh! What a face!! Excellent!!!

  12. This one makes me smile.

  13. Nice iron portrait 🙂

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