Summer evening…

Summer Evening

After a day with hard winds and falling snow I was ready to dream of warmer days. I hope that you’ll have a good weekend.

  1. wow, beautiful glistering light!!! Excellent composition too!

  2. nice light!

  3. terrific processing…very bright and cheery.

  4. Nice dream reference, almost a sketch, of summer – it will be here, someday!

  5. I like the simple colors and reminders of summer as I sit here watching the snow fall outside the window. Looking at this image I can almost see the snakes slither and feel the mosquitoes bite 🙂

  6. Oh…altho I love winter..I do miss summer. Thank-you for the beautiful reminder!!!!

  7. oh, sigh. beautiful and wistful.

  8. i like how all those verticals look.. very nice shot.. 🙂

  9. It´s still a long time to go for summer but thanks to your wonderful picture I´m looking forward to it

  10. gorgeous photograph. (it is very difficult to get on your site)

  11. I'll share your dream.

  12. I like the effect of the vertical lines. Fine pattern shot with very nice color and detail.

  13. Remarkable light – sparkling and iridescent
    Sweet memories of summer – outside my window now -26 degrees Celsius
    Wonderful shot – well done!

  14. a sight I miss dearly in this cold winter.

  15. the plants in the water are making a nice graphic effect. they looks like making a fabric of little segments.

  16. Wonderful light and tones! very good shot!

  17. Wonderful light and tones! Beautiful!

  18. the reeds and shadows have created a fantastic texture!

  19. Sparkling photo with the sun casting her light on the water!

  20. creative use of counterlight

  21. I love the golden light and the mood of your picture.

  22. Beautiful. Very subtle, and the golden light is gorgeous.

  23. Hi Frida, you have summer in Sweden? 😉 Nice golden tones!!

  24. Stunning light and textures. Very beautiful!

  25. Light and all compo are simply like a miracle 🙂

  26. Hmm en vinterhatare som jag blir alldeles varm i själen av sånt här 😉

  27. wonderful Frida really like this balance between strong light and shadows

  28. Beautiful play with silhouettes, colors and light.

  29. This calls for summer dreams

  30. It's magical for us to see it now, Frida…or anytime!

  31. Det borde egentligen vara förbjudet att visa sådana här helt underbara sommarbilder, nu när det är så….kallt ute och snöigt. Man längtar ju ihjäl sig till sommaren.
    Fast det är klart, man har ju något vackert och fint att titta på så länge.
    Jag önskar dig en trevlig helg!

  32. Ah, yes…..summer. 🙂 Nice dream.

  33. okay, now I'm officially confused about your site:-) I like the golden hues and the glinting of the sun on the water.

  34. very pretty

  35. I like the textures and subtle colors.

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