Coal chute

Coal chute
  1. Terrific composition and geometrical appeal, particularly with the warm light and shadows!

  2. För mig är det här svensk sommar (eller vår) på landet. Härligt och vackert komponerat!

  3. great colour

  4. beautiful colors & textures.. nicely captured..

  5. I like the different colours, the warm tones and the texture of the wood. Well done.

  6. I like the wild looking paint job around this coal chute door. Nice observation to see the potential for this shot. Nice one.

  7. Nice textures and colors ….
    great details

  8. I remember the excitement when the coal truck showed up and dropping its load down the coal chute into our basement when I was a kid. My mother hated it, due to the cloud of black soot that would inevitable find its way onto her lace curtains.

  9. A beautiful abstract with great details and colors!

  10. Great shot! Beautiful colours.

  11. Beautiful texture and color – an interesting shot

  12. Una imagen con un detalle y claridad excelente.


  13. nice, maybe you should have kept us guessing what such a small door is for!

  14. i would never have guessed a coal shoot. seems small. i like how it's been preserved.

  15. Terrific color in this…and such gorgeous textures. Perfectly simple..and simply perfect!

  16. Super compo . Light and texture are great !

  17. a very good crop this is Frida, love it

  18. The best kind of minimalism, Frida…so colorful! 🙂

  19. cool shot. great texture

  20. Love the contrast and texture in the wood.

  21. Remember well the old coal chute and bins. They didn't look this great though. Excellent composition, love the colors and textures.

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