On my way to the top

On my way to the top
Have a nice weekend!

  1. Great! A cute little bug. 🙂

  2. Wow, it's like the insect version of a magical "Jack and the Beanstalk". Especially love the color and textures.

  3. A wonderful macro and capture.

  4. I think it's looking at you, that little fella 😉

  5. Great macro! Love all that 'spring' green and the wonderful detail!

  6. Bravo, Frida. You sure know how to nail these!

  7. The colors seems a little flat….
    but the compo and the framing is awesome

  8. What gorgeous color..and such exquisite detail. Extraordinary image!!

  9. Awesome macro. Love the color and the way it leaps off my computer screen.

  10. Lovely macro. I once captured a very similar one.. http://www.visioplanet.org/2010/07/little-green-guy.html

  11. Great angle, detail and color!

  12. amazing shot

  13. Amazing macro shot! Wow!

  14. that's an excellent close up of this bug climbing up.. 🙂

  15. Really amazing! Love your work.
    Perfect composition!

  16. A wonderful macro shot! I love the color harmony here – pink, green, and brown.

  17. iiiiihhh… a green bug… Great macro.

  18. Great Macro picture ,amazing shot
    well done

  19. Wow – Nice little bastard, where did you find it?

  20. that is an amazing macro Frida, love it, good work

  21. this is a lovely view. i like the dof, very well executed

  22. Oh this is soooo beautiful! How I love its "expression" you've captured!:-) Very beautiful interplay of colors and fine textures!

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