Winter Sweetheart

Winter sweetheart
Sweettart texture by Kim Klassen

  1. Compelling composition with a story of capture or escape!

  2. Wonderful shot, light and beautiful
    Great work

  3. awh, just the slightness of a heart. so pretty!

  4. So how long until the snow is gone and spring arrives????

  5. Wonderful picture and a great DOF

  6. For some reason, Frida, this is reminding me of frozen grapes we put in the freezer during the summertime. So refreshing. 🙂

  7. Good day Frida…i have been away for three weeks and unable to pay you a visit.

    This is a beautiful crisp close-up of your winter sweetheart……your detail and DOF is amazing….peter:)

  8. so great Frida, amazing frozen moments

  9. A very emotional picture. i like the contrast of the red and the white snow.

  10. wonderful in its totality, i love this detail and this delicacy

  11. I smell cinnamon with this…

  12. Stark color contrast in this fascinating winter scene. Makes me long for summer though…

  13. really a superb, stunning, fantastic shot

  14. yep, that bit of color makes this cold scene a bit acceptable.. 🙂 nice catch..

  15. Refreshing frostiness! A fine macro showing the crystals of snow, and the red color fruit warms the image and attracts the eye. The shape is like a heart!

  16. beautiful macro, well seen

  17. A fine close up. The snow bedecked splash of red makes one strong, eye-catching image. Very well done.

  18. Ah, back to winter …. but with a touch of wonderful red color. These are wonderfully emotive shots. Great work!

  19. Nice with a splash of color in all that cold white snow 🙂

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