Opposite side

Wordless Wednesday – Opposite side

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  1. Thanks for this lesson.
    You’ve just proven that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.
    :- )

  2. wonderful nostalgic look! very odd fence – never seen this kind before.

  3. Vackra färger
    Är det vägen till den hemliga trädgården?

  4. Love the monochromatic processing here. Such a soft and gentle feel.

  5. I like the mood of this picture, great color tones!

  6. i like the desaturation here. makes me feel like i’m looking back in time.

  7. great sepia shot

  8. There is a lyrical feeling to this one with the sweep of the foliage against the worn wood. Really lovely.

  9. you toned this just right.. nice capture.. 🙂

  10. Really beautiful! Love the vintage feel

  11. Beautiful shot – love the sepia tones!

  12. A fine combination of wood textures and growth. I especially like the subtle coloring of the shot. Well done.

  13. I would have enjoyed exploring in this garden as a kid…and as an adult! 🙂

  14. It looks as if just beyond would be a secret tea garden…

  15. Soft and lovely. Striking composition–lines against the softness of the leaves.

  16. pretty…and a bit mysterious

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