Prunus cerasus

Prunus cerasus
  1. Wow, these are perfect – prettier on a tree than in a can!
    (We don’t have cherry trees in Texas.)

  2. mjam! these look so appetizingly! love the colours here – make them look like a shot from the 70s 🙂

  3. Åhhh, vad goda de ser ut, måste nog åka till svärmor och se om hennes körbär har mognat. Mums!

  4. mmm….they look succulent.

  5. I like the fence in the background.

  6. Is this an eatable cherry kind?

  7. A beauty of an image. Lovely light glowing on the fruit, and the blurred linear lines of the fence in the background sets them off with charm and flair.

  8. as fresh as it could get.. 🙂 nice capture..

  9. Mmmm. That is a shot of the season.

  10. yep, it’s the season
    beautiful light

  11. yumm, yumm! Great framing and colors!

  12. Wonderful sign of summer – let me taste..

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