Different toys for different ages


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  1. Nice contrast and comparison – and some kids use both!

  2. So true.

  3. Lol… 🙂 I’ll take the bear… 🙂

  4. Awww. So sweet, Frida. It brings a big smile. 🙂

  5. hehe, sweet shot

  6. yep, that smart phone sure is a grown up’s toy for sure.. 😉 nice capture..

  7. anyone there on the phone, hello?!

  8. I love this. My 26 year old daughter still has the teddy bear I bought for her the day she was born. It’s her favourite. She loves it more than she does her precious Blackberry.

  9. lol…you got that right.

  10. This is such a wonderful ‘study’ of what we consider to be ‘toys’. Love it!!!

  11. I like the conjunction of objects. Nice!

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  12. what fun!

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