Meet Stina, the dog

  1. Good to meet Stina, I like how you tease us with glimpses of family members!

  2. walking fast:-) beautiful dog.

  3. Wonderful sense of motion here! Lots of energy and tension. Well done!

  4. cool usage of motion blur

  5. A fabulous capture with superbly depicted motion!

  6. Beautiful dog! Great sense of movement too

  7. She’s beautiful!! Love the motion you captured here.

  8. I like the composition of movement blur and colors, so the image is full of dynamic.

  9. Nice dog. I like the motion blur. How do you call this kind of dog? In Germany we call them Irish Setter.

  10. Terrific motion shot. I like that her head is sharp and the rest of her is blurred with the background.

  11. I like the sense of motion in this shot of Stina. Very effective picture.

  12. I love the way you have captured the movement 🙂

  13. I love the movement you captured in here

  14. A nice sense of motion. She has a beautiful coat color.

  15. cool sense of motion here.. nice capture..

  16. good motion .. also vivid colors, great

  17. Great . Love his speed and motion !

  18. I like the motion and unusal angle here. Looks like you shot down from a car?

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