Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves
 Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree

~ Emily Brontë

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  1. looks like you’re well on your way to winter:-)

  2. A delightfully abstract take on autumn – with an ordered kind of chaos that I really like.

    And my thanks too Frida for YOUR comments….

  3. I love these leaves and they color. Great shot.

  4. Beautiful colors and depth of field. A gorgeous depiction of autumn.

  5. Awesome! Love the rich gold against the grays.

  6. wonderful colors anf light in this new season, lovley shot

  7. Vacker bild!

  8. i just love the colors of fall.. great shot.. 🙂

  9. Makes me want to snuggle up next to the fire. What a great picture. Have a fabulous day!

  10. Great detail, excellent composition, and highly effective use of the white background. Excellent work, Frida!

  11. So very pretty 🙂

  12. very pretty shot.

  13. Lovely and a great focus

  14. The last hurrah of color!

  15. great fall mood

  16. the hell light white is very nice here, in contrast with the leafs

  17. I love this stage of the falling leaves, Frida…not yet finished, still hanging on, still singing their song.

  18. This one really feels like autumn, wonderful shot.

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