A year ago…

A year ago
A year ago we had snow and it was so cold. Today it’s  +6C  gray and rainy outside. I think I prefer last years snowy and cold weather. I left my camera for cleaning yesterday so there will be no new images for a few days.

  1. Gorgeous. Makes me jealous it doesn’t snow where I live.

  2. This is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Excellent photo!

  4. I would go for snow instead of the dark rainy days myself too. I hope we will have snow for Xmas…

  5. Those snowy, winter days are somehow comforting aren’t they. A good reminder that winter has it’s beauty.

  6. A winter wonderland! Beautiful!

  7. my my.. that looks really chilly.. and beautiful at the same time.. 🙂 great shot!

  8. oh yes, this is winter ! we also wait for the snow but it was a rainy day, +11°

  9. brrrrrr!! what a cold shot!!! awesome white

  10. I’m impressed by the photo – but on the other hand I’m a summer person 🙂

  11. beautiful view, am looking forward to some snow here

  12. Although in teh Black Forest we didn´t see any snow so far this year.

  13. At work today we were talking about how snowy it was this time last year.

    Your beautiful image reminds me of the snow we had.

  14. so beautiful. it feels silent.

  15. Wow, vilken fin bild!

  16. what a wonderful snowy scene. Nice shot!

  17. Awesome winter wonderland and excellent perspective! I like the road leading the eye into the image.

  18. We are into fall, with lots of rain and wind at the moment, chilly too

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