Christmas Caroling

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Caroling
 Christmas Caroling at Skansen’s Christmas Market

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  1. yes, pity no soundtrack!

  2. wonderfully authentic clothing. very festive.

  3. Oh, how I wish we’ve had that tradition here too. I like carols!

  4. Warm and festive out there in the cold–great shot

  5. It is so Dickens like, I like that a lot

  6. This gives new depth and meaning to the term ‘street shot.’ What natural beauty here, lovely characters out of a book, beautiful setting. Well done, indeed, Frida.

  7. So Dickens-ish, Frida. 🙂 What a nice addition to a market scene.

  8. A wonderful candid street scene, interesting and delightful.

  9. they look like they’re from a historic movie

  10. awesome portrait set, really interesting and splendid christmas atmosphere

  11. that’s a good tradition they got going there.. nicely captured.. 🙂

  12. I actually remember going out caroling a few decades ago.

  13. terrific

  14. This is wonderful, Frida. I love caroling and the hats are so perfect.


  15. omg!! Carolers never come to my house .. so jealous!

  16. Very festive, it brings back memories 🙂

  17. Beautiful traditional capture, love their outfits. A wonderful scene!

  18. A fine image of this seasonal street performance. It needs no words to be under stood. Well done.

  19. Lovely picture. A soundtrack would have been nice 🙂

  20. How lovely . Like a scene from a film 😉

  21. What a lovely tradition.

  22. Wonderful people photo.

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