February 29th 2012

At lake Mälaren

Since that February 29th just occurs every fourth year, I just had to have a picture today.

Image posted on Leap Day 2008 

  1. Why didn’t I think of a photo for Leap Day? I noticed it much more this year than in the past. Great idea and beautiful photo.

  2. Wonderful winter scene

  3. This shot is fantastic! What a great feel it has to it. I wish I would have snapped a special photo for Feb. 29. It was here and gone before I even thought about it. What a beautiful shot you captured! Lovely! 🙂

  4. I really love this image, i love the mystical feel of this image. The coolness and the crispness. Great shot.

  5. Sure is a big difference in Leap Days.

  6. Yeah, it looks quite cold out there. I can not really figure out what I’m looking at, is it some sort of sled?

  7. Looks a little chilly!

  8. Looks cold, but pretty view! =)

  9. Interesting shot. What are those things anyway?

  10. looks like a sturdy pier to have all that ice bumping into it.. nice capture..

  11. very nicely done Frida

  12. cool shot

  13. So glad you did, Frida. It’s like a “purgatory” day, in between two entirely different seasons! 🙂

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