Vallby open-air museum

Vallby open-air museum

Vallby open-air museum

  1. lovely dappled shade.

  2. such a striking color for this structure. beautiful to see the entire area.

  3. Such a quaint scene–very nicely shot

  4. What a gorgeous photo. I love the farm house feel. It looks like it has a lot of amazing history. 🙂 What is inside this museum?

  5. a historic place? sure is a nice structure. nice shot!

  6. Great red colors.

  7. I love old wooden houses, structures of the past

  8. Such a lovely atmosphere and mood….love the light and colors!

  9. Fabulous light and shadow play, Frida!

  10. Pretty cool. Did you get any shots inside?

  11. what a great building

  12. I lovely photo. The museum sounds very interesting.

  13. Wonderful play of shadow and light!

  14. Lovely little house. Just lovely! Oh it is a museum. The it is nicely reserved, I like those red colors…

  15. Looks like a wonderful place! Nice.

  16. I LOVE these open-air museums, Frida. If this is as wonderful as the one we saw in Oslo, I’d be there in a New York minute.

  17. that red color is pure Scandinavian to me

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