Vallby open-air museum II

Valby II

Unique Swedish mountain cattle.

  1. Lovely

  2. The little one looks a bit astonished 🙂

  3. Oh..this is too..too…too sweet! Terrific!!!

  4. Baby animals are so adorable!

  5. that calf’s patterns are cute.. nice shot!

  6. a beautiful breed. so sweet to be able the have the baby stay with the mama.

  7. Needs a caption:

    “What are you looking at? I can diet any time I want!”

  8. Now there’s a little cutie – and a big one too!

  9. Very cute–nice light too!

  10. Oops! I meant ‘lovely rural scene’ 🙂

  11. Lovely urban scene, really sweet and touching!

  12. Neat. What makes them different??

  13. lovely shot

  14. Very nicely composed, excellent!

  15. So sweet and precious, Frida.

  16. I like the little one

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