Bell and Lantern

Bell and Lantern
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  1. The horseshoe brings good luck, and the lamp lights the way – appears we will be having a terrific and brilliant \'New Year\' in 2009!

  2. Perfect composition. Sharp and perfectly exposed. Simple, story telling. Great work. Cheers.

  3. Very nice compo and so sharp details… fine image

  4. Love the graphic simplicity..the shapes and forms..and soft colors. Great eye!!

  5. Great still life shot!

  6. All the comments are true, but I tell you again, you give a especial metallic texture it becomes very nice pictures.



  7. Nice composition with the horse shoe and may be the bell and lantern of the coach.

  8. Nicely observed, tones and textures, lighting and composition, all work well

  9. Interesting color match and composition – i also like the spider 🙂

  10. Great symmetry of tones and shapes!

  11. It\'s a Good Luck image, Frida. I like it! 🙂

  12. Fantastic composition in shapes, designs & color. The green in the lantern is a delightful hue.

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