Chinese silk painting

Silk painting
  1. I\'ve never witnessed such beautiful delicate ice – amazing!

  2. This is really extraordinary. Great, great photo.

  3. I love your winter images. Congratulations

  4. amazing. really good.

  5. Ah!!! Uuuunderbar!!!

  6. WOW! this really makes for a beautiful abstract photo NICE!

  7. A refined capture.

  8. Just looked at the original image. Amazing!! I just assumed that you\'d done a ton of post-processing to get this result. All the better…:-)

  9. Amazing thing to see, those ice thorns look so unnatural and impossible. What sort of size are they?

  10. Splendid capture Frida…artwork 🙂

  11. The branch itself is pretty enough for a shot, but the addition of winter\'s touch makes it extra nice. Well done.

  12. Great .. winter makes it so special

  13. this is amazingly beautiful
    a favourite one!

  14. Wow… great shot! the subtle bg is great with the pure white of the spines on the tree.

  15. So delicate and pleasing on the eye, Frida. A beautiful image

  16. Really great done Frida! Looks like some kind of tree. Nice processing!

  17. It does looks like a Chinese silk painting. This is very nice, Frida.

  18. Nice processing, it gives a drawing look.

  19. Yes…so much like Chinese silk. Absolutely stunning image. Don\'t know how you did this..but I do love the processing!

  20. beautiful capture

  21. amazing shot, I like the white background

  22. What a cool photograph Frida. Very nice. My first thought was a Chinese silk painting when I viewed the image. 🙂

  23. It\'s like winter has turned the tree into a cactus. 😉

  24. It\'s almost abstract…CREATIVE AND SUGGESTIVE! Beautiful shot Frida 🙂

  25. It really IS much more like a tree cactus, Frida. How unique!

  26. Oooh another Swedish cactus. I love these frost images. The silhouette is wonderful.

  27. Very strange effect, and very beautiful

  28. Very well processed! It really looks like a painting on Chinese silk. Ever tried it!

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