Winter Harbour

Winter Harbour
  1. Neat scene and out of the ordinary – I know you are probably ready for warmer weather, but the snow adds wonderful drama to these settings!

  2. The black tree limbs & old growth at the bottom define this photo so well, at least for me.

  3. Very nice framing, beautiful snowy scenary

  4. An interesting picture with the silos, snow and boat, all with a nice composition.

  5. What an image, not stuck in traffic but stuck in snow this time. Wonderfully presented. Well done!

  6. Really well composed and balanced. I like the repeated columnar elements, top and bottom, and how the dark foreground balances with the sky.

  7. wow, just love it!!

  8. Splendid capture…it\'s a snow boat:-)

  9. a frozen delight; nice.

  10. What a wonderful scene…all wintery and such! I don\'t think that boat is moving for quite some time!

  11. It must be difficult to see your sailboat snowed in and unavailable. I like the shot, too, for its setting in the foreground and behind the boat. Nice one.

  12. Lovely! The colors are great. I\'m surprised the boat wasn\'t taken out of the water for the winter.

  13. Interesting boat next to the silos. Love the colors!

  14. Such an attractive vessel. A really neat perspective here, and anarray of textural variances.

  15. love how it is framed

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