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  1. superb contrtrast and lights, great work !

  2. A sad atmosphere here! excellent composition and very fine b&w!

  3. The monochrome is a perfect choice for this abandoned location

  4. The b&w conversion works very well with this image. The details are perfectly sharp too.

  5. A lonely scene very well processed on monotone

  6. how funny that we posted along a similar theme today! i like it!

  7. Exceptional.

  8. Love the bare greyness..the mood.

  9. Det är så synd om gamla bygnader som går sönder. Det harsäkert varit vacker ställe !!!

  10. Beautifully composed image and the processing is just cool. I think the B&W is most appropriate for this image.

  11. Poor old thing. It\'s had its back broken.

  12. Ser verkligen lite övergivet ut.

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