In waiting…

In waiting

Waiting for someone. The room is waiting so quiet and neat. Waiting for someone ever so sweet. In the corner sits a giant teddy bear, with great golden eyes that sparkle and stare. The dresser drawers are all just loaded with tiny things so carefully folded. All anticipate the coming of our jewel. Hurry little princess/prince an empire awaits your rule.

~Rosalie Ferrer Kramer

  1. So crisp in presentation and so universal in appeal . . flowers require no trickery to impress and this natural image is superb.

  2. The colors are lovely, they are perfect together.

  3. Beautiful shot! Great colors and light!

  4. Truly a beautiful and elegant image. Love the softness and colors here, excellent capture.

  5. This is exquisite, Frida. What a tribute for the one who comes!

  6. such softness.. beautiful shot. very pleasant.

  7. Beautiful flower. Love the details and colour tones.
    So when is the little one expected? Are you close to become a grandmother.

  8. I\'m holding my breath

  9. beautiful

  10. Someone you know Expecting?
    Beautiful composition nd I enjoyed the poem too.
    That was a real Bonus!

  11. so much detail, i can nearly smell it!

  12. Fantastic the details of the waiting flower (has it a flavour ?), great light also.

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