Northern Goshawk

While Geocaching in the English Park in Uppsala we saw this Northern Goshawk? sitting in one of the trees.
We couldn’t work out if he was hurt on his stomach or not. It sure looked strange. He also had four magpies flying around him all the time.

  1. He looks a bit bedraggled, but they often do in the winter. Nice capture.

  2. The poor hawk looks as though he might be injured. He sure is beautiful, though. Great capture!

  3. This predator\'s piercing eyes jump out at me! Hope it wasn\'t hurt – such beautiful birds, and I agree with everyone else about the camouflage!

  4. beautiful and majestic bird

  5. Fantastic!! What an absolutely beautiful bird!!!

  6. Stunning color and detail…looks almost camouflaged! Great shot!

  7. What a lovely shot. With a bird that size one really feels the solid presence and sense of shared existence.

  8. What a find Frida. Well done!

  9. Wow. This is quite the capture! The front section does look strange. I only see one talon; perhaps he/she has it tucked under?? Regardless, this image is impressive (those eyes!).

  10. Gorgeous photo! the blue sky is lovely and provides the perfect setting for this amazing bird

  11. It looks like the hawks that sit in trees and on fence posts around where we live. You got such a wonderful close shot of it.

  12. such a wonderful crisp image. They are so well camouflaged.

  13. What a majestic bird. Aviary photography is so hard! What a great capture.

  14. A fine, detailed image of this hawk. I like how you got him posing so well. Nice one.

  15. What a gorgeous creature! So perfectly camouflaged in the branches, but did not escape your eye and camera. Lovely.

  16. Häftigt när man möter dem. Men visst ser han ut att må dåligt på nåt vis. Hoppas den kryar på sig. Skatorna är riktiga skvallerbyttor har jag märkt. Ofta när de tjoar här så är rovfåglarna på G, fast ibland är det bara grannens katt. 🙂

  17. Wow, beautiful birds and colors. Excellent capture.

  18. what a beautiful bird, well captured!

  19. Awesome pic , wonderful bird who look so proud 😉
    have a nice day

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