1. Oj, lite otäck! Det är ju skallen på en dinosaurie. 😉

    Kram Maria

  2. Seed pods are amazing, and a subject I often think about shooting, but as yet not got around too. Close up they have wonderful shapes, colour and texture. Great tones in this Frida.

  3. I love the wonderful warm light here.

  4. Rather evil looking, like a vulture\'s head. I like the tone of the light.

  5. very nice colors on this macro. great clarity on the subject!

  6. The best one I´ve seen so far this year. Great artistic photo with fantastic compo and a lovely sepia tone.

  7. Love the colors of the processing and the abstract nature of the plant.

  8. A fascinating depiction of the cycle of life: Something ends with the hope of a new beginning.

  9. I love this in so many ways.

  10. excellent natural decay, perfect tones

  11. Exquisite winter detail. Love the light!!!

  12. Excellent use of light with beautiful tones and details. A fascinating composition.

  13. Great coloring. Very dramatic.

  14. A fine close up with excellent detail and coloring. It would be easy for the sci-fi fan to see this as a monster reaching down to grab some hapless adventurer! 🙂 Fine shot.

  15. Awesomely creepy!

  16. Beautiful simplicity and fascinating form. The sallow toning choice is perfect for ‘Empty’.

  17. lovely composition and color

  18. I like the tones and the details.

  19. Like a dead claw of some creature lost in time!

  20. All dressed up and nowhere to go! Well, maybe dressed down would be the better way to say it? I love the sepia, Frida. You knew I\'d say that, right? 🙂

    *Frida* Hi Ginnie, I haven\'t used any sepia treatment here. The bushes around and the late afternoon sun did all the work with the color and background.

  21. This is gorgeous, Frida. It looks a little like a Lensbaby macro shot.

  22. empty but golden

  23. I do love the dried stuff for photo subjects! And the light in this is really sweet.

  24. Amazing detail. Nicely captured!

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