Ice Machine

I have learnt a new word now 😉 Zamboni Is the correct word for this “Ice Machine”

  1. Yeah – Zamboni. The first time I heard the name I was like: what? They are kind of fascinating. Would love to drive one. I also loved to be on the ice after they finished. It\'s been so long that I went ice skating. This photo reminds me of it.

  2. I love the industrial look of this photo. Well done!

  3. Great shot I like it a lot.

  4. Oh…we used to love to be the first on the ice after the zamboni!! Love the cool colors!!!

  5. wow, this is outdoors! Our ice rinks use these machines (we use the term Zamboni) but they are always indoors. You\'ve piqued my interest so much with this … I would love to be there in the open air rather than indoors as we do over here. It must be a great experience.

  6. A fine shot of this ice machine. The dressing of the ice surface is very important. I like how you\'ve shown this one in action.

  7. I\'ve only seen these on TV. Cool machines:-)

  8. Very nice shot.

  9. so that\'s what a zamboni is! you learn somthing new every day 🙂

  10. You won\'t believe this, Frida, but I would watch these Zambonis every time they came on the ice (hockey games and ice-skating shows) and pretend I was the one driving them. They hypnotize me. 🙂 I love all the blue in this image.

  11. Look at that gorgeous ice! I\'d love to lace up some skates and go for a spin. Great capture of the zamboni hard at work!

  12. nice find, I didn\'t know they had outside rinks that they took care of with zambonies

  13. that\'s cool–

  14. Brings back memories from my early teens (a long time ago) when two guys would use a 5\' wide steel blade, with a handle across the width of it. They wouls skate around and around the rink, pushing the blade in front of them. We used to skate because of the girls there…lol….it was great fun.

  15. haha icy! looks like it\'s getting for a big event here!

  16. I used to love to watch them do the ice during hockey games. I don\'t know why, just something fascinating about it all.

  17. Serious Zamboni! Nice ice.

    Stop on over for an up-close and personal view of glaciers in the Alaska Range! (Ice of another kind…)

  18. So where was this cache? Under the seats. I like the variation in ice coloring.

  19. Fantatsic the feel and beautiful look to the ice as well..

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