Documenting the demolition

There are many people documenting the demolition of our old hotel.

  1. Men vilket underbart … härligt … vackert foto du visar upp här 🙂 man njuter när man tittar på det

  2. Vedmodigt när en sådan fin byggnad måste rivas. Tänk om väggar kunde tala…
    Ha en underbar tisdag.

  3. Härligt foto, synd att dom river så snygga byggnader.

    Ha en bra tisdag.


  4. Snygg bild, fint domumäntarbild.
    Ha en fin tisdag.

  5. Skamligt att riva ett sånt fint hus. Jättefin bild. Ett riktigt tidsdokument.

  6. Love the light…and especially the hat. Interesting piece of photo-journalism.

  7. Some of you are even documenting those who are documenting, Frida, and that\'s half the fun. 🙂

  8. Documenting the documenter! A fine shot, Frida!!

  9. nice shot 😀

  10. A photo of a photographer… Unusual, but it works well.

  11. This is beautiful but sad at the same time. It looks like it was a gorgeous old building.

  12. Very beautiful photograph, perfect. good works

  13. Super compo . Looks like a scene from a movie !

  14. I always like pictures of people taking pictures. This is a fine street shot of a fellow doing a careful job of setting up. Nice one.

  15. I love how he\'s dressed.

  16. it\'s always a little bit sad when a piece of your memories are ripped away.
    nice one!

  17. documenting the documenting 🙂
    what an interesting looking chap

  18. First I thought when I saw the thumb, you are travelling in a \"conflict area\", but I saw the hotel is demolished. I like how you documented the demolition with the other photographer.

  19. That hotel would have stood longer than the oldest resident can remember. I can undestand the interest, because a familiar thing is like a comfort blanket, whether we realise it or not.

  20. Great sense of depth in this shoot. Very nice use of light, too.

  21. Memories can last forever.

  22. I haven\'t seen what they documented, but it appears you found a time traveler who came back to document it. What a fantastic photograph, Frida.

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