1. UNDERFÖRBAR bild:)

  2. Vacker tolkning i grodperspektiv!
    Ha en fortsatt bra tisdag.

  3. Snyggt fotat och blä… Tycker inte om grodor (eller är det en padda)

  4. Åh , har du hittat en groda !
    Jag hittade minsann ingen nere vid dammen , men typ 100 Trädgårdssnäckor det fanns det där omkring 🙂
    Superfint foto !

  5. A super shot Frida. Great light and colours, and the subject in a nice little bubble of dof. Good work.

  6. Excellent shot, beautiful light and colors. You did a wonderful job with the contrasting brown tones, lovely!

  7. An exceptional photo of this little guy. Beautiful colors.

  8. WoW! That hides well. Nice oranges.

  9. Hard to imagine this posing prince buried in this dirt (and under all the snow you had this winter) – love the color tone in this photograph!

  10. Ain\'t he cute? You\'ve captured some lovely detail in this little guy.

  11. Vilken fin groda!

  12. Camouflaged but not well enough to avoid your critical gaze. 🙂 Nicely done.

  13. What a great find. Terrific!!!

  14. Very beautiful in his own little warty way!

  15. magnifiques couleurs et détails.

  16. wow, nat geo proof shot

  17. Great shot, Frida! He blends in so well with the dirt that I\'m surprised you even saw him. Well done!

  18. I\'m enjoying your series of these creatures great and small.

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