Colors Of Autumn

Colors of autumn

I’ve been playing with textures lately. Check out Kim Klassen Café There you can find inspiration for many ours of fun.

  1. Lovely warm colors.

  2. amazing colors, wonderful autumn picture

  3. I'm not sure the texture works so well here, but the overall color of the shot really gives this a nice look.

  4. Really pretty details. I'm wondering what kind of tree it is.

  5. gorgeous. Autumn is over up here but it's my favourite time of year. Look at that amazing, golden light — that's one of the best things about autumn!

  6. Underbara höstfärger och väl komponerat!

  7. Lovely coloring and texture.

  8. sure has some lovely colors.. 🙂 very nice capture..

  9. amazing fall shot

  10. What a wonderful autumn image. Love the rich color and detail. The texture certainly does seem to blend well with the leaf and pods. Nice image Frida.

  11. beautiful color!

  12. Perfect autumn image. Love the gold tones and colors!

  13. This has beautiful detail and that marvelous autumnal colors. A very appealing image.

  14. gorgeous treatment here.

  15. Fantastic light and colors. Love the details.

  16. The added texture is interesting. It took me a while to even notice it, and then I wasn't sure I liked it (because I like the photo alone so much), but now I've decided I love it. Such a good fall picture! Thanks for the link.

  17. such beautiful gold…

  18. Wow…this is beautiful… love this intense color !

  19. Beautiful details in a beautiful color setting. Nice job!

  20. lovely colours

  21. enchanting yellow shade, very wonderful

  22. Don't we love that Kim Klassen, Frida! This is delightful…a chestnut tree, if I'm correct. We have them all around us here…the first trees to have gone through "the change." This is gorgeous.

  23. golden!!!

  24. The colors of Autumn are portrayed beautifully in this one.

  25. Tack för länken! Jag har ju tänk lära mig det där men inte kommit till skott ännu. Datortiden är nämligen satt till ett minimum den här hösten.

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