Himalayan Balsam

Himalayan Balsam

Image from October 10th when we closed our cottage for this year.

  1. Must be a very exciting back yard.

  2. I love the shape of the flower, cool!

  3. a rocking macro!

  4. beautiful close up

  5. oh my. perfect.

  6. Splendid macro. I like the details of the drops.

  7. Great details and the drops rocks.

  8. Simply beautiful!

  9. Hej 🙂 Vad bra det blev med ditt nya tema.

  10. This image took my breath away as I opened the link to your page. Beautiful!

  11. orchids are one of my favorite flowers to photograph

  12. Fragile perfection. That drop is beautiful here.

  13. Exquisite beauty!! Love the color and detail!!!

  14. A beautiful blossom shot. I especially like the way the flower comes in from the upper corner with a droplet of water to set it off. Gorgeous color and detail.

  15. There is always beauty in flowers and your photo has captured the best in this one.

  16. Love it a lot, great work

  17. It was a Good-Bye present to you, Frida…till you return next year.

  18. never seen a flower like this, beautiful

  19. Absolutely exquisite!

  20. Lovely Frida; I believe it may be classed as a pest over here now as it spreads so rapidly.

  21. This is a stunning macro of this gorgeous flower. The dew drops are an added bonus. Nicely photographed.

  22. Wonderful close-up of this fragile flower structure. Love the shallow DOF, the interesting details and the clarity!

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