House Sparrow

House Sparrow

Shot through the kitchen window, while having morning coffee with my father. It was about -20C outside.

  1. So sweet and alone! Lovely shot Frida!

  2. oh this poor guy looks like he's freezing badly…
    nice captured! hope that you gave him some grain or other bird food for beeing such a nice model 😉

  3. The blues make it feel very cold.

  4. fantastic capture

  5. Looks like one of those that needs out help in the cold!

  6. It's amazing such a small animal can take those temps. Beautifully done.

  7. So very sweet. Exquisite image!!!

  8. You can feel the winter. Very nice dof.

  9. i know they can survive in this weather, but i feel sorry for them staying out in the cold.. 🙂 you captured this one really well.. 🙂

  10. That`s a wonderful pleasure for my eyes, Frida, a soo beautiful portrait.
    I´m glad that here it`s not soo cold.

  11. Gorgeous little one 😉

  12. This is lovely – the ice crystals on the branch, and the wonderful blue-grey tones convey the sense of coldness while still looking beautiful.

  13. A lovely shot that shows how tough these seemingly fragile creatures, really are.

  14. Superb shot! Beautiful bokeh and sharp focus.

  15. Love how this image just says COLD COLD COLD. How do the birds stand it? Wonderful capture. Certainly within The Rules.

  16. perfect!!! love this one, nice w/e

  17. The way he(?) closes his little eyes stole my heart. Like he's nodding of. Very cute…

  18. Stunning capture! Simply beautiful!

  19. Lovely colors and softness.

  20. I can literally feel the cold, which comes to advantage really well by the blue toning.

  21. awesome photo, love the POV and DOF, it feels cold too, great work

  22. beautiful
    love the cold tone

  23. Awwww. That was my immediate reaction when I saw this, Frida. What a little sweetie-pie. You sure can feel the cold but she seems impervious to it.

  24. A lovely portrait. The bird certainly does look cold.

  25. Gorgeous shot Frida! Love the icy blue. Very nice.

  26. Definitely an eyecatcher! The poor little fellow looks like it is badly freezing. The blue tint dramatically enhances the cold feel of this image.

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