Standing Tall

Standing Tall

This is St Lars he was a Deacon. He is standing outside the side doors at Uppsala Cathedral.

  1. WOW!!! Definitely the tallest guy I've ever seen!!!

  2. Lars was highly thought of, I'm glad to see him put up on that pedestal 🙂
    Like the symmetry and proportions framed here!

  3. wonderful composition and detail.

  4. I'm taken with the doors as well. Nice.

  5. He is definitely standing tall, Frida. What a great center-piece for a doorway!

  6. First I thought it was Martin Luther, but it somehow didn't fit. Anyhow, a fine use of the symmetries in this subject.

  7. Hitting his head, 🙂

  8. perfect and interesing in frame

  9. An awesome find you have shown here. Superb composition with great sense of symmetry.

  10. so tall that he just managed to fit in :))

  11. He has a good overview.

  12. my goodness, this fellow barely fits!

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