Little wood mouse

small wood mouse
We found this little wood mouse inside at our cottage last night. He/she wasn’t afraid at all and when I sat down in the grass he came and curled up beside my jeans covered leg 🙂

  1. LOL, I like how you qualify “my jeans covered leg”

  2. Vilken sötnos!

  3. cute little model. Will work for peanuts 😉

  4. Great.

  5. Cute image of this adorable creature!

  6. Oh, that is just adorable!! Great capture.

  7. he sure is a little one

  8. cute little creature

  9. awh, it’s precious. looks a lot like a hamster.

  10. Aw! 🙂

  11. Ooooooh! Did you keep it!? *joking* So cute but a very strange behaviour.

  12. Great capture! Very cute!! 😀

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