Midsummer Eve

Dancing around the Maypole.
Dancing around the Maypole.

  1. How fun that people will get out and do this! Great shot.

  2. That looks really homey to me. Love the happy mood you captured here!

  3. it’s cool, maypoles are an old tradition here, too

  4. On this day I have think of you and the custom in Scandinavia. It must be wonderful with all lovely people.

  5. wonderful and happy atmosphere here, i like it

  6. It is a little rainy and blustery for a maypole around here.

  7. I like the way this shot is so heavily peopled, and, though they are small-ish and distant, this image communicates such a story and motion and mood. This is really enjoyable. 🙂

  8. That is wonderful!!

  9. I remember a childhood song like this. My grandmothers referred to it. What a strange memory your title and image have evoked.

  10. A lot of fun and a summer feeling. I will come back to see more your site.
    I give you the link of my new one.

  11. Glad midsommar Frida!

  12. Have a nice weekend with this event

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