An ugly woodshed that’s there, right on the ground,
is handsomer to me than a ten-story temple that isn’t there.
~Sinclair Lewis Ch. 57
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  1. I bet not much kissing gets done in this woodshed ; -)

  2. The quote corresponds well to the picture.

  3. interesting shadows.

  4. the light and lines in this are really nice. i like those wild ferns.

  5. such a true quote

  6. I love the quote too – very nice.

  7. I like the construction with the openings and what appears to be a corrugated roof.
    It’s a classy looking building and makes a fine capture.

  8. Very cool, with the light and the forest!

  9. I love the dappled sunlight and shadows on the shed. Well done!

  10. Stygt eller pent, det avhenger av øynene som ser. Du har fått frem e fin spill av lys og skygge med linjer og toner. Det er pent for meg.

    God Sommer!

  11. I am more for stacking wood the old fashioned way

  12. I kind of wish this was my back garden so I could make that my hideaway!

  13. Hardly an ugly woodshed. Wish I had one 🙂

  14. I wouldn’t mind being taken to that woodshed, especially if I wasn’t in trouble and could enjoy the forest.

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