Nordiska Museet

Nordiska Museet
Nordiska museet, Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history, was founded by Arthur Hazelius.
The museum was opened in 1907.

  1. Interesting building, nicely shot. That is in Stockholm I suppose?

  2. like something from a fairy tale book.

  3. Very large indeed, but looks much older (in a good way) than 100 years!

  4. superb photograph. beautifully done

  5. What a wonderful building. I like the tree-top perspective.


  6. Looks like a picture made in the 50ties.

  7. your point of view is really beautiful i liked the balance between delicacy and power

  8. Wonderful building! Great capture!

  9. A fantastic building well photographed. Excellent.

  10. beautiful . tones are great as well as your PP work .

  11. Beautiful! Looks like an old painting with muted colours.

  12. What a wonderful old building.
    Love the vintage processing, which fits very well with the subject.

  13. cool, looks like an old postcard

  14. You know me, Frida…my kind of fabulous architecture (as well as texture!).

  15. That is a wonderful shot of that beautiful building. i like the use of the tree tops to support it.

  16. that sure is a beautiful place.. 🙂

  17. Love the way this marvelous structure seems to emerge from the treetops. Cool shot.

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