1. So cooool…!

  2. wow, it’s magical.

  3. such a treat…love the colors!

  4. Awesome, colorful bubble – they are not known to stay still for very long ;-o

  5. Nice shot. I love the reflection within the bubble.

  6. very pleasant catching

  7. bravo . an excellent capture .. it is not easy to catch it ..

  8. interesting reflections, nice shot.

    br jaro

  9. Oh, BUBBLES. I´m forever blowing bubbles…something my grandpa always loved to say!

  10. Fantastic! It’s like an alien world floating in space.

  11. this looks gorgeous.. nicely shot! 😉

  12. this is a fun and rather difficult shot. well done.

  13. well captured shot!

  14. Great Shot, Perfect background for the colours of the sphere.

  15. great capture, great idea too

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